Roller Shutters

Galvanised Steel or aluminum insulated Roller Shutters doors offer convenience and practicality. These doors are secure, light, easy to open, plus have the option of a remote control.

Key Features

  • Galvanised Steel or Aluminum – both insulated
  • Ventilation (optional)
  • Windows for more light (optional)
  • Colours: White, Wood Colour and Grey
  • Manual or Automatic (Key or Remote option)
  • Access Release (in case of power failure)
  • Sensors (Optional)
  • Light Fitting (Optional)
  • Linked with mobile device (through an app)

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Our products come with a number of benefits that translate in your money's worth

Safety Comes First

Door-Patented Pinch Resistant Joint and tension Safe cables attachments to eliminate injuries

Energy Efficient

Polylurethane Insulation gaining the maximum R-Value possible

Secure Hook Interlocks

For added strength and security on all garage doors and gates manufactured

Environmentally Friendly

Using Polyurethane Insulation 100% CFC free

Sweeping Action Weather Seal

Fixed between every joint protects against wind, rain, snow, and air infiltration