Thermalex 2000 - Commerical - Industrial Sectional overhead doors

After 30 years, Upwardor® continues to be an industry leader due to an unwavering commitment to research and development. The Thermalex ® 2000 Series is specifically designed and built for commercial and industrial applications. Using only the highest quality materials, steel panels are manufactured to strict tolerances on a fully automated continuous foamed-in-place line. This results in a durable, clean and consistent finished product, which offers exceptional value.



Key Features and Benefits:

Polyurethane foam insulated provides the highest R-Values and U-Values in the industry, and is environmentally safe and friendly.

Consistent foam density and foam/steel adhesion with a 95%+ closed cell ratio ensures panel is free of voids of deterioration over time resulting in a superior panel strenghth and optimum insulation efiiciency year in, year out.

Chemically bonded and sealed thermal break - Maximizes door insulating efficiency by preventing heat transfer or panel retention of air or moisture.

Panels are dimensionally stable at all temperatures, unaffected by extreme climate conditions.

Corrosion resistant G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel skins with baked-on primer (.02 mil) and top finished coat (.07 mil) of polyester paint. Clean appearance inside out yet durable for long-term protection agains rust and the harshest of environments.

Tongue and groove joint design (TX450, TX450-20, TX500) with dual-fin whather seal - prevents air, rain, ice and snow infiltration when door is closed.

Exclusive continuous double steel reinforcement hinge strips (TX450, TX450-20, TX500) - permits use of industry standard "full" hinges and allows flexible cut-to-size inventory management.


Model U100: Solid/Closed Door

Model U1OO: Solid/Closed Door

  • Offers different thicknesses, with optimum
  • TX380, TX450, TX450-20, TX500
Model R112G: Thermal Windows

Model Rl 12G: Thermal Windows

  • 18" x 8"(457mm x 203mm) or 24" x 12" (609mm x 308mm) windows, insulated and sealed
  • Available in Black or White moulded PVC frame
  • Other glazing options available; consult factory
  • TX380, TX450, TX450-20, TX500

Model V130G: Full View Sections

  • Intermediate full-view section, finished in Polyester White or Brown; (up to 30% of door face to a maximum of 3 sections in o door).
  • Extruded aluminum, 6063-T6
  • Standard Thermopane glass; (other glazing options available)
  • Insulated sealed unit held in place with quick snap-on mouldings
  • 7X450, TX450-10 only




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Product Diagram:

Thermalex 2000 Diagram




Thermalex Example 1


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Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4


Thermalex Example 4