Stylistic 3000

The newest addition to the Upwardor product line is the Stylistic 3000 Residential Garage Door. This door incorporates many exclusive features including "patented" pinch resistant joints, polyurethane insulation, a raised panel design, and pivoting brackets. The Stylistic's unique design and innovative features have placed it at the forefront of the industry's latest trends- Stylish, Durable, and Safety.




Key Features and Benefits:

  • 1 3/8" (35mm) thick, Insulated Polyurethane foamed-in-place door
  • 100% CFC Free, CE approval pending
  • 3-Layer Construction, 25 Ga. Steel / Polyurethane / 28Ga. Steel
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on sections
  • Maximum R-Value
  • Patented pinch resistant joint on both exterior and interior of door
  • Tension safe bottom bracket eliminates possible homeowner injury
  • Pivoting bracket system replaces traditional hinges reduces door maintenance and mes door operation ultra quiet
  • Roll formed pivoting chamber adds strength to sections and eliminates need for strut bars on most door sizes.
  • A multitude of glazing window and insert options available to add value to any home.
  • Available in White, Brown, Almond and Sandtone




Industry Leading Safety Features

  1. DoorPatented Pinch Resistant Joint on Interior and Exteriorprevents injury by gently pushing fingers away from section joints
  2. Tension Safe cable attachment eliminates injuries if bottom bracket is removed
  3. Secure Hook interlocks door sections for added strength and security
  4. Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane Insulation 100% CFC free
  5. Sweeping Action Weather Seal between every joint protects against wind, rain, snow, and air infiltration
  6. Pivoting Chamber acts as addedre inforcement to strengthen door section
    • No protroding or sharp parts
    • Quiet Operation
    • Virtually maintenance free


Stylistic 3000 - Features

Stylistic 3000 Features 2




Steel Skins

Stylistic 3000 Skins



Exterior and interior steel skins are hot dipped, galvanized, primed and pre-finished with a polyester topcoat and embossed with a detailed wood grain pattern






Energy Efficient

Polyurethane Insulation 100% CFC free Foam-in place insulation will significantly enhance panel strength and improve energy efficiency.


Stylistic 3000 Value Graph


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