Key Features


Comfort ST500

The ST500 has been developed for commercial use in doors up to a wing length of maximum 5.0 m. The extremely robust mechanics combined with the modern and powerful control equipment make the ST500 an optimum solution for commercial use. The drive that is completely made of metal and the high-quality bronze spindle arm provide reliable operation with a duty cycle of up to 80%. Thus, wings of up to a maximum weight of 600 kg are no problem for the ST500.


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Our products come with a number of benefits that translate in your money's worth

Safety Comes First

Door-Patented Pinch Resistant Joint and tension Safe cables attachments to eliminate injuries

Energy Efficient

Polylurethane Insulation gaining the maximum R-Value possible

Secure Hook Interlocks

For added strength and security on all garage doors and gates manufactured

Environmentally Friendly

Using Polyurethane Insulation 100% CFC free

Sweeping Action Weather Seal

Fixed between every joint protects against wind, rain, snow, and air infiltration